New Google Chrome update promises to save your battery


The latest update to Google Chrome on Android promises big improvements on power consumption and loading videos.

Google has said the new update will make also help watching videos be smoother than ever before.

The Google Chrome update, which was made available to all Android users on Wednesday, not only promises faster loading times but also that it will use less battery power than previous versions of Google’s mobile web browser.

Google says that users watch more than 1 billion hours of video per week using its mobile web browser.

The faster playback of videos on your smartphone means that you will start to see videos more quickly and that there will be less buffering or pause before a video starts to play, Google says.

Another major feature of the update is that it includes a new Data Saver Mode, which will help to reduce the amount of data your smartphone uses when watching a video by as much as 50 percent.

It is able to do this by showing you a stripped down version of a video that removes any unnecessary background clutter.

This latest Google Chrome update comes just weeks after Microsoft released a video which claimed that Chrome uses much more battery power than its own Edge browser.


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