New Google feature will let you reply to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter messages with just one click


Google is working on an awesome new feature that will let you to reply to WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype messages with just one click.

Google will use the super convenient Smart Reply feature that first introduced to Gmail back in 2015 and and make it available on other chat based platforms.

Apart from ‘Undo Send’, Smart Reply is arguably Gmail’s best feature and can be an absolute lifesaver if you quickly need to reply and email on the go or just can’t be bothered typing a long message from your smartphone.

Smart Reply on Gmail

Smart Reply works by using artificial intelligence to provide you with a choice of three automated responses whenever you receive an email, allowing you to respond with just one click.

Now the experimental team at Google, known as Area 120, are testing the feature on other platforms and have sent out invites to a select number of users asking them to download a new app called Reply.

An example of Smart Reply on Google Hangouts

According to Android Police, Reply lets users easily respond to to queries made on a chat app.

The app will be able to answer a question like “When will you be home?” by using your location data to give an accurate response.

Reply will also have a do not disturb mode for times you don’t want to be bothered with messages and will warn you before you ping back a response to a question like “Where are you?”.

There’s some other good news – Android users can request access to Reply in advance of its official release by filling out this form.


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