New version of Google Glass already being shown to partners


Google Glass might have been canned in its current form, but it looks like the search giant is busy developing a new and improved version that should address many of the criticism of the developer’s version.

Google Glass project not dead yet

Google Glass isn’t quite dead yet, it’s just languishing in a strange transition period. The US company has apparently gone back to the drawing board in an attempt to redesign and revamp the ill-fated project, and has put iPod creator Tony Fadell in charge of the new version. It sounds like the team has already come up with several new designs, according to 9to5Google, which says that “very early versions of the next iteration” have already been shown off to some of Google’s Glass at Work partners.

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It’s not yet clear how the new prototype has improved on the original model which was made available through Google’s Explorer developer program. However, sources have claimed that the new model is being demonstrated to partners, as Google aims to get feedback as it works on the secret project out of he public’s gaze. The first version of Google Glass was not very well received by consumers, and especially the media in general. That’s the main reason why Google’s strategy has changed, but it’s not yet ready to throw the towel in.

How Google Glass works

9to5Google does not state whether the glasses being shown around are remnants of the previous Google Glass project or the new model. “It’s uncertain if this device is a newer model, or if it was a continuation of Google reaching out to partners with a model developed before leadership shifted”, 9to5Google said.

The team has reportedly been shuffled around under Tony Fadell’s leadership, in order to provide a fresh vision and focus. Besides the iPod, Fadell also created the Nest Learning Thermostat, so he’s definitely got the product chops to take an existing concept and improve upon it. It remains to be seen whether he can achieve the same success with Google Glass, but it seems that Google is already working hard towards a better version of Glass.

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