New Google Maps update lets you tap into local knowledge and gives monthly stats on your driving


New features coming to Google Maps lets you ask questions about local businesses and gives a monthly report on your driving habits.

The new update includes a Q&A section that lets you ask questions about local attractions or about a destination you intend to visit, such as a bar or restaurant.

Questions are then answered by the owner of the business or by the “broader community”, local experts and guides.

The new Q&A section is available in the latest beta version of Google Maps and can be accessed tapping on a venue, where it is displayed between address and photos.

Google Maps

The new Q&A section coming to Google Maps. Image: Android Police

The feature is designed to help you tap into the knowledge of local people or give feedback directly to the owner of a business.

The new feature is available on Android in Google Maps version 9.59.0, which is currently in beta.

While there is no information yet on when the feature will be rolled out to all users, you can expect to be made more widely available in the coming months.

The beta version is also includes a couple of other handy features.

According to Android Police, the update will give you a monthly report which details your driving statistics.

The report allows you to see your average driving speed, the time you have spent sitting in traffic and the time you have saved when using Google Maps.

The update will also provide you with useful tips that Google believes is suited to your particular driving style.


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