New Google Maps update means you will never have to queue at a restaurant again


A new update coming to Google Maps could be the best and one of the most useful yet.

Google knows that there are few things more infuriating than arriving at your favourite restaurant to be told there is a queue.

You’re already hungry, which means by this time you’re super impatient too but now you’re told there is a 30 minute wait between you and your dinner.

In a bid to ease your hunger pangs Google has announced that Google Maps and Google Search will “soon” start displaying wait times at local restaurants, helping you to beat the crowds.

The new feature expands on Popular Times introduced by Google which shows users when a business is at its busiest.

Google gathers this information from aggregated and anonymized data from users by tracking their location via its array of apps and through their smartphone.

Google says its new feature will allow users to access both live and historical data to see how busy a restaurant is and how long they can expect to wait for a table.

Google says the feature will be available in more than one million restaurants around the globe, although there is no official date yet for when the wait times feature will be available.

“To see wait times for nearly a million sit-down restaurants around the world that allow walk-ins, just search for the restaurant on Google, open the business listing, and scroll down to the Popular Times section”, Quang Duong Software Engineer, Google Maps wrote in a blog post.

“There you’ll see the estimated wait time at that very moment. And by tapping on any of the hour bars, you’ll see the estimated wait for that time period. You can even scroll left and right to see a summary of each day’s wait times below the hour bars–so you can plan ahead to beat the crowds”.


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