New Google Maps update will change how you use public transport


Google is planning a new update of Google Maps that will give you far more information about your trips on public transport.

It is said to be only a small change but nevertheless, it will be incredibly useful and will give information such as when you have arrived at the correct bus or train stop.

TechCrunch reports that it will give you “step-by-step instructions along your public transit route just as you would if you were using the navigation mode for driving or walking.”

It is believed prompts will appear on the lock screen as well as when your phone is open, thus minimising the chances of missing a connection, bus or train stop. You can also scroll through the steps of your journey and get alerts set up.

Google has neither confirmed or denied the new feature but TechCrunch is reporting that its arrival is imminent and that it will form part of the main app.

It is expected to be launch on Android first with iOS following shortly after.

The Google Maps feature is continually being tweaked by Google and recent additions have seen the ability to share locations, build list of favourite places and save maps offline.

Another feature that rolled out earlier this year shows users where they parked their car.

The new option will be very useful for those using public transport in a new city where establishing the correct route and connections can at times be tricky.


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