New Google Pixel smartphone revealed in latest leaked image


Google have organised an event for next week where they plan to showcase a range of new smart products.

Amongst the new products expected to be on show is a VR headset and an upgraded 4K Chromecast as well as a device that is said to resemble the Amazon Echo.

The new smart device that everyone is waiting for is their latest smartphone.

It is expected to be called the Google Pixel with the Nexus name being dropped – an idea that is in keeping with their premium laptop range.

It has to be said that the design is pretty basic and in all honesty looks like any other smartphone although the word on the street is that there will be a headphone jack!

The jack will indeed be on top of the device with a USB-C port on the base.

HTC have decided to place to fingerprint scanner on the rear which is not overly practical, especially if the device is face up on a flat surface.

From the new leaks and from ones that have previously appeared we can expect a 5 inch screen, 4GB of RAM and 12MP rear camera.

There is nothing out of the ordinary with any of these specs and it certainly doesn’t scream out “buy me”.

Worryingly, the device is the most expensive phone ever released by Google and if you wish to purchase the larger XL version you can expect to pay a good slice more.

Let’s hope that Google has a few surprises when it is unveiled next week.


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