The new Huawei MateBook XPro is a MacBook Pro for Windows users


Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently announced a new laptop that has the ability to still operate after liquids are spilt on the surface.

With this new laptop, the Huawei 3K MateBook X Pro the company hopes to tempt users away from Apple especially as the MateBook X has a higher resolution than their rivals Retina featured MacBooks.

The MacBook Pro has an impressive screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, however, it is superseded by the MateBook X with an even more impressive resolution of 3000 x 2000 all crammed into the touchscreen which also has a very small bezel.

The company claims the 13.9-inch laptop has a ‘Spill Proof’ backlit keyboard, however, the company has failed to release any details on exactly how much liquid it can absorb before it fails.


One nice feature included is the pop-up webcam that discreetly hides away under the F6 key and does away with having to tape over the camera for those users who are security and privacy-conscious.

Described as ‘the first full-view screen on a notepad’ the sleek looking Windows computer contains an 8th Gen Intel processor with the option of up to 16GB of Ram along with 512GB of memory while the power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

The company stated that battery life would be 14 hours of continuous work or 15 hours of continuous browsing.


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