New iPhone X glitch means users can’t even answer calls


Apple has begun an investigation into a new bug it that has appeared on their flagship iPhone X.

The bug delays all incoming calls and has been reported by the worrying amount of iPhone X users.

The lag has been reported to last up to 10 seconds before the phone will start to ring, this delay will often activate the voicemail service instead.

So far over 1000 users have claimed to be suffering the same issue and have been turning to the “communities” support forum to voice their concerns, the Financial Times reported.

Although the amount of delay varies from handset to handset the general consensus is the phone will not display an incoming call until several seconds have passed.

Restarting the phone offers a temporary solution but the bug soon returns after a few calls have been received.

Some users even went to the lengths of a complete restore of the phone to find that again the bug would return after a few calls.

According to an article in the Financial Times, Apple is collecting and comparing the claims, however, it is yet to give any updates or answer to the issue.

As of now, it is unclear what the issue is being caused by. The sensors on the front of the phone could be a possible culprit, when the phone is in a pocket the sensors are used to stop the screen turning and an accidental call being made.

This is not the only issue to plague the flagship device since its launch last year.

Green lines were reported to appear on the screen while other owners complained that the touchscreen was slow to respond in colder weather, apple soon released a firmware update to address this issue.

It remains to be seen if Apple can release a similar update to fix the call lag issue, currently, Apple is still investigating the bug. If you have an iPhone X with the same problem it is advised to report it to their customer support.


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