New leak ‘confirms’ design of iPhone 8


Another day, another leak regarding the iPhone 8. However, these latest images may give the best hint yet at what to expect with Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPhone.

The images, which first appeared on Reddit, citing ‘a friend in the industry’ who obtained them from Apple’s production line in China, suggests that the iPhone 8 is almost ready to go.

The images appear to back up recent rumours that the iPhone 8 will sport an edge to edge full screen display, glass back and vertical dual camera setup.

iPhone 8 leak

The same report also claims to show the panels for the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which are the upgraded versions of the iPhone 7, tipped to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 8.

The panels however are wrapped in plastic packaging so it is difficult to make out any further details.

Of course there is no way to tell if the images genuine.

With its all screen design and bezelless display, the iPhone 8 is expected to give users the same amount of real estate on the front of the device as the iPhone 7 Plus, despite being smaller in size.

Its new vertical dual is expected to also include augmented reality features.

Meanwhile, a new report claims that the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8 might not be where many of us had expected.

An Apple patent found by Patently Apple describes a method of fitting the fingerprint scanner into the power button, which is leading many pundits to claim the Touch ID will be built into the power button on the iPhone 8.

Image: Patently Apple

Fitting the Touch ID into the power button would eliminate the need for Apple to try and embed it into the display, which has reportedly caused Apple technicians all manner of problems.

Due to the technical issues in fitting the home button into the display, it had been claimed that Apple would move the Touch ID to the reverse of the device.

A Touch ID fitted in the power button would also eliminate this problem.

Despite the discovery of the patent, Apple files hundreds of patents each year, many of which never make it to production.


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