New leak reveals the Galaxy Note 9 will be nothing to get excited about


A new leak has given the world the first look at Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9.

But some fans might be disappointed as it seems that the Note 9 will only feature minor improvement from its predecessor, the Note 8.

It had been rumoured that the Note 9 would include a fingerprint built into the display, but it now looks like that will not be the case, with the design expected to be almost identical to the Note 8.

The leak comes from a serial tech tipster who posts on the Ice Universe and who has a good track record when it comes to leaking info on upcoming Samsung handsets.

Apparently, the only major change on the Note 9 is that it will be 2mm smaller in size, due to Samsung being able to shave a little off the screen’s bezels.

The Note 9 is also set to include the same stereo speakers used in the S9, which will also be an improvement from the Note 8.

Other than that, just expect a slightly improved processor and camera with the Note 9 being seen as a incremental tweak from the Note 8, rather than a major update.

Incidentally, this would follow the same pattern Samsung used with the Galaxy S9 which was really only a minor update from the S8.

If this latest leak proves to be correct, you’ll have to wait at least until the Galaxy S10 for a fingerprint scanner to be built into the display.

Instead, it is likely the Note 9 will include the same fingerprint technology as the S9 in the form of a rear mounted sensor alongside the camera.

If Samsung continues to its traditional launch schedule, the Note 9 should be officially unveiled at the IFA Conference which gets underway on August 31st.


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