New leak reveals the Samsung Galaxy S9 could lose one major feature


It has only been seven months since Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S8 smartphone, but rumours are already circling about its successor, the Galaxy S9.

While the new rumours suggest there could a number of new features, it looks like Samsung is set to drop a key feature from its upcoming smartphone.

The Galaxy S9 is likely to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress event which is happening in February 2018. With the exception of the Galaxy S8, the event is where Samsung typically unveils its new Galaxy smartphone.

According to the latest rumour, Samsung will follow the lead of rivals Apple and Google and remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

And the rumours that the upcoming smartphones may not feature a headphone jack have been met with fierce criticism from people commenting on social media.

Increasingly, manufacturers are removing the headphone jack from smartphones, which by doing so they say frees up room for other components.

This has resulted in some to speculate that Samsung will remove the headphone jack in order to embed a fingerprint sensor into the bottom of the screen.

Elsewhere the Galaxy S9 is tipped to include a new 3D depth sensing front facing camera which will include facial recognition capabilities.

The feature will be used to unlock the device and process contactless payments, similar the new technology featured on the iPhone X.

Meanwhile, Forbes has reported on renders of the Galaxy S9 created by designer Benjamin Geskin based on recent rumours.

The renders reveal a device with a curved screen that almost entirely fits the front of the smartphone and which includes even smaller bezels than on the Galaxy S8.

However, it is on the reverse of the device where the S9 is rumoured to see some of the biggest changes.

According to Geskin’s render the S9 could include vertically aligned rear dual cameras, flash and fingerprint sensor, which would make the sensor much more accessible than on the Galaxy S8.

Anyway, this likely to be the first of many rumours and ‘leaked’ images between now and when the Galaxy S9 is actually released.

Image: Benjamin Geskin


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