New leaked images reveal the Samsung Galaxy S9, which is set to be unveiled in January


Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S9 in January next year, much earlier then previously thought, according to a new report.

The S9 isn’t expected to be that much different to the S8 but is set to improve on one major feature of its predecessor.

Generally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was well received however, the criticism that was often levelled at the device’s fingerprint sensor is to be corrected on the upcoming Galaxy S9 – essentially, it will be easier to use.

The S8 was seriously let down by the fingerprint sensor which is far too small, shallow and is too close to the devices rear camera to make it practical to use. In practice, you need to turn the device around and look for the sensor rather than feel for it, as was intended to be the case.

BGR reports that on the new Galaxy S9, the fingerprint sensor will be located below the camera sensors, with a dual-flash separating them. This, in theory at least, will mean that it is easier to find just using your finger.

According to serial tech tipster Evan Blass, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will make a cameo appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is held in Las Vegas in January, before its official launch at the Mobile World Congress in later February.

Blass also said, the S9 is not expected to see too many other differences to its predecessor, adding that 2018 will be a “tock” year rather than a “tick” year for the Galaxy S line, meaning the S9 will represent a minor upgrade rather than a major step up.

Expect it to include Samsung’s new Exynos 9810 processor with either 4GB or 6GB RAM.

It is anticipated that the largest change could be the rumoured addition of a dual camera setup, matching that in the superb Galaxy Note 8.

Earlier this week, BGR also shared some leaked images of the Galaxy S9 inside a protective case, which the tech site said “confirmed the phones’ updated design”.


Image: BGR


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