New leaked images show the non exploding refurbished Galaxy Note 7R for the first time


New images leaked online claim to show the refurbished versions of the Galaxy Note 7R, which Samsung is preparing to re-release in a selected number of markets.

It will come as little surprise that the new version looks also identical to its predecessor, the only difference being is the addition of a large ‘R’ on the back of the handset, Droidholic, who were the first to spot the photos reported.

There is of course no way to prove the authenticity of the photos. However, reports in Korea speculate the ‘R’ stands for ‘Ripper’, a term given to refurbished smartphones.

However, other reports have claimed the new model will be called the Galaxy Note 7FE.

Note 7

Earlier this year, Samsung announced plans to re-release the Note 7 in emerging markets and it will first go on sale in its native Korea. However, there is no information yet on where else the Note 7R will be sold.

The refurbished models include the same specs as the original version albeit with a smaller battery.

The battery of course was the source of the problems that result in the original model being recalled after more than 30 instances of Note 7 handsets catching fire.

When it does eventually launch the Galaxy Note 7R, Samsung will be hoping to claw back some of the estimated $5 billion the recall of the original model cost the firm.

The Galaxy Note 7R could be on sale by the end of June, it has been claimed, which would give Samsung a head start on rival Apple, which isn’t expected to release any new iPhone’s before September.

It will mean releasing the refurbished model ahead of its own Galaxy Note 8, which is also expected around August/September.


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