New LG G5 smartphone to be unveiled at MWC 2016


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The MWC2016 awards will see South Korean company LG release their flagship smartphone that they hope will be a challenge to their fierce rivals at Samsung.

LG have long had to live in the shadows of their fellow countrymen but they are doing all they can to break this stranglehold and see this year’s MWC as the perfect opportunity to try and buck this trend.

At MWC 2016 LG will be unboxing their latest flagship model – the LG G5 that has been carefully staged to ensure that their announcement is before that of Samsung, even if it is only by a matter of a few hours and they will undoubtedly enjoy their moment in the limelight prior to Samsung trying to steal their thunder.

Lg G5 module

Mock up of the LG G5 module, courtesy of Android Authority

So what do we know about the G5? Well the PR guru’s have already leaked out that it will be a touch-enabled case.

The technology will mean that users can receive calls and check basic notifications without having to open the case. Also confirmed is a powerful new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and a sleek metal unibody design.

The latest rumour to come from serial tech leaker Evan Blass on Thursday says that the LG G5 will include a ‘Magic Slot’ feature that will let you add different modules to the device.

Blass claims two of these modules will be unveiled at MWC 2016, with one being a batter grip for photography and the other a digital audio chip that will offer improved sound quality.

The battery grip is said to not only help you grip and stabalise the phone when taking photos but will also include buttons such as shutter release, zoom and flash toggle.

The audio chip has reportedly been created as part of a colab with Bang and Olufsen.





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