New Line app helps users book cheap flights


New Line app helps users take flight

The Amadeus travel technology company has launched a Line app that can help people book flight tickets through natural conversation in both Thai and English.

After adding @flightbot as a friend, people can ask the bot anything related to air travel booking. Share the dates, departure city and destination, and @flightbot will search for the flights with the best prices. Customers can complete the transaction and make a secure payment all within the @flightbot chat. And the more people use the bot, the better it is at understanding them and the better it will be at communicating.


Simon Akeroyd, vice president, corporate strategy and business development, Amadeus Asia Pacific said that the flights people can see and buy on @flightbot are made available from a variety of travel agents.

“Consumers who use @flightbot will be able to choose from a pool of flights with the touch of a button all through their favourite messaging platform,” he said. “@flightbot is available 24/7, so people can search for and buy flights whenever inspiration for travel strikes.”

Akeroyd said @flightbot was created as part of the Amadeus commitment to innovation in travel in Asia-Pacific. When people interact with @flightbot, they are getting direct access to Amadeus content and technology.

 The result is a quick, convenient, smart form of flight research and booking that is available around the clock.

In Thailand, Line has more than 33 million users spending an average of 70 minutes a day on the platform, making it a natural place for Amadeus to begin the @flightbot pilot project.

“Many people in Asia are deeply engaged with messaging platforms on mobile devices and so we believe that @flightbot is a very useful tool for travellers and travel agents,” said Akeroyd.

“But we are still in pilot mode, so do share any feedback. We are excited to see @flightbot reach its full potential to bring travel agents and travellers in Thailand all the benefits of technology.”



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