A new Line Mobile App invites you to reduce your phone bills


Click, chat and save

By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
The Nation

Digital mobile phone service Line Mobile has upgraded its app and added a new function that can help you save on your phone bills.

Just select the icon “Refer a friend” and send invitation codes to your pals to subscribe to the mobile phone service and you get to use the service for free for up to five months, after which you will get Bt10 discount per month per referred friend.

A collaboration between Line Thailand and DTN (dtac), the Line Mobile app is very convenient and transparent too, allowing users to manage their own monthly packages without having to go to or telephone call centres. Users can use the app to change their package, control data use and pay bills.

The “Refer a friend” function generates a code that you can immediately send to friends via your social network apps, like Line, Facebook or email.

Once your friends click on the link, they will be taken to the Line Mobile web page where they can buy a SIM card and subscribe to a package.

line mobile

 After your friends have subscribed via your shared code, you will receive a code to redeem for one month’s free usage. You can redeem the free usage up to five referred friends, meaning you can use the service free for up to five months.

Moreover, each of your referred friends can invite his or her friends to get the same free usage for up to five moths.

And after the five-free month period ends, you will get Bt10 per month per referred friend and your referred friend will also get the same Bt10 discount per month. Line Mobile says it has no ceiling for this Bt10 discount. So the more friends you invite to use the service, the more you save.

While this is a clever marketing strategy, it does help you save on your phone bills too. And there are further savings to be made, as Line Mobile has just reduced the cost of five of its seven monthly packages by 50 per cent. For example, the S package is reduced from Bt339 to Bt170 a month and the XL package from Bt749 to Bt375.

During my trial use of the service, I detected no problems other than a very occasional and quickly righted glitch, the Internet data was fast and the voice calls were loud and clear.


S: Bt170 (Bt339)

M: Bt215 (Bt429)

L: Bt300 (Bt599)

XL: Bt375 (Bt749)

Unlimited: Bt850 (Bt1,699)


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