New Lully Device Prevents Night Terrors in Children


Andy Rink, co-founder of Lully, is on a personal mission to put an end to night terrors with a new device that helps children develop healthy sleep patterns. Rink’s twin sister suffered from night terrors, but instead of waking from them (like most children), she had to suffer through them.

Contrary to popular belief, night terrors are a biological issue – not a psychological one. Rink and Varun Boriah, his co-founder, worked tirelessly to create the Lully device and app. After researching and analyzing sleep patterns at Stanford Biodesign, they came to a realization: it’s possible to soothe a child through a potential night terror using strong vibration at a predictable interval.

The science behind the device sounds more complex than it really is. Parents program the device by answering a few simple questions through the Lully app. Most children experience night terrors at the same time every night. Answering questions about the child’s sleep pattern will help the device predict when the episode is going to happen.

The Lully smart device is placed under the child’s mattress, and parents are notified when it’s time to activate it. Around the time the child usually experiences a night terror, the device will produce a vibration that’s 10x stronger than your smartphone. This brings the child out of their unhealthy sleep pattern and into a lighter sleep, stopping the night terror before it even begins.

Lully is meant to be used daily for four weeks. At this point, the child should no longer suffer from night terrors. But if the episodes return, parents can use the Lully device to break the cycle again.

In the future, the company hopes to create a fully automatic device that turns on at a specified time. For now, Lully remains a manual device. Thus far, the company has raised $920,000 in seed funding. The device will retail for $169, but devices in the limited run are being sold for $129.


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