New mobile service offer big discount for some lucky phone users


SOME LUCKY people will soon be invited to test a new mobile phone service –for a 75-per-cent discount rate.

The new service, LINE Mobile which is being test run on the Dtac Network (DTN) will soon randomly invite some users to try the service at only 25 per cent of the price of packages.

For example, beta users can use the top package valued at Bt899 by paying only Bt269. The so-called XXL package provides full-speed data connection of 40 gigabytes and 600 minutes of phone calls.

The lucky beta users will be allow to test the service for six months at a fraction of the price so the new operator can get their feedback on how to improve and come up with a service to be launched later this year.

Currently, the service is being tested by a group of IT reporters and bloggers.

Two executives of the new operator have said the new service is designed to tackle frustrations of current mobile-phone users.

Heeding the complaints, LINE Mobile is designed to be “easy to use”, “easy to buy”, “easy to roam”, and “easy to pay” as well as “easy to control costs” to prevent bill shock.

Many people have complained about long queues at mobile-phone operator’s service shops, so the new service is designed so that users can buy their SIM online and pay bills without having to go to shops at all.Line Mobile

For the invited beta users, they can buy a SIM by clicking a link on the website of LINE mobile, and they can select a package online. The can pay for the SIM with their credit card or pay when the SIM is delivered to their home. During the closed beta testing period, the SIMs will be delivered by messengers, the executives said.

After they get the SIM, the beta users will have a LINE Mobile app to help do everything for the service, but will have register for an account with the operator to use the app.

‘No more binding contracts’

LINE Mobile said current mobile users have also complained about binding contracts, with rival operators requiring them to use certain package for a certain period. But for LINE mobile, users can use the app to change their package anytime. The change will take effect next month. Or if people change their mind, they can cancel the change easily before next month, by using the app as well.

LINE Mobile said it wants its packages to be simple, transparent and not bind users to certain packages that users may not want to use. During the beta period, there will be six simple packages called XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL priced for Bt69, Bt99, Bt119, Bt169, Bt219 and Bt269 respectively. The smallest package, XS, will enable users to use 1.5 GB of full speed data and make 100 minutes of calls.

After users have used all their call time, they will be charged just Bt0.99 per minute during the beta period.

After they have used the data quota, they can use data free at a speed of 256Kbps.

And users can use data over the LINE network for chatting and calling without wasting the data quota at all.

The briefing showed that the app can be used to make it convenient for users. They can use the app to limit costs and prevent bill shocks, or use it to pay bills via either LINE Pay, Rabbit Card or a credit card.

The app can also be used to toggle between the full data speed and the free 256 Kbps easily to save data usage for later.

The app can also be used to check rates for long distance phone calls to overseas, as well as checking and selecting roaming network rates when users make overseas trips.

Line Mobile said it also provides customer support through live chat, LINE Mobile’s official account, email and a call centre.


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