Is there a new Pebble watch coming on Tuesday?


Now that the Apple Watch is expected in April, the rest of the tech industry is busy releasing new smart watches like there’s no tomorrow. Even Pebble, the company which originally started the craze is getting ready for the next round…

Pebble Watch revamp…?

The official Pebble website has displayed a huge timer since Thursday morning, which is gradually counting down until Tuesday, February 24 at exactly 10 AM Eastern standard time (EST) in the United States.

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What new features will the Pebble Watch add? Or is there an entirely new model on the way? Earlier this month, Pebble CEO Eric Migicvosky suggested that there would soon be new hardware and software, as well as a revamped framework to interact with smartphones more effectively.

The countdown timer is accompanied by an image of a blue Pebble Watch that shows a happy face – unfortunately, there aren’t really any clues as such, unless you assume that existing Pebble Watches may receive some new features. But that probably doesn’t warrant a countdown timer…

Pebble Watch Website

Only time will tell

There could be several possibilities for the Pebble Watch next week – rumours currently point to a new watch which is slighter wider than current watches, with a colour, E-Ink display in a thinner design. The much-rumoured new model will supposedly have a battery life similar to the current Pebble Watch and Pebble Watch Steel versions, but the company may add a microphone and additional sensors such as a heart rate monitor.

We don’t expect the new Pebble Watch to include a touchscreen, but Pebble is said to be developing a radically different operating system that has been totally redesigned. It’s not easy to know for sure how many of the rumours are really true, but whatever Pebble announces next week, we’ll keep you updated.

Do you own a Pebble Watch? What new features do you want to see unveiled next week, and will there be a completely new model? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Giles Peach on

    I am quite excited about this. I have the current gen Pebble and would sad it is probably the best of the current crop of Smartwatches. Pebble have consistently improved their software, it’s waterproof, can do all the things I need (fitness tracking, notifications, camera remote, music player control), has a screen which can be read in bright sunlight (great in Thailand), and of course the 5+ day battery life.
    Whatever Pebble comes out with will be an improvement over this, and make the chances of me getting any other type of Smartwatch very slim. Oh yeah, if you order from their website, it’s only ~3,200B including shipping for the plastic watch, which weighing only about 30 grams, is great for running, swimming, etc.

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