New Personal tab will change the way you use Google Search


Google has added a new feature that aims to make Search results even more personal.

The introduction of a new tab called Personal will only be available if you are logged into your Google account but will make tracking down information far easier as the results are also gleaned from Google’s services such as Gmail and Photos.

The results are intended to be more relevant to you personally so if you search for “Chiang Mai” for instance, Google will currently display results from which you can select Maps, News, Images or even Videos but to the right of this you will is ‘More’ and this is where you will find the Personal tab.

The Personal tab will include photos of Chiang Mai or Gmail messages that contain the words “Chiang Mai”. Only you will be able to see the extra content that is available.

Image: The Verge

Image: The Verge

“The Personal tab works similarly to the way the existing Maps, News, or Images tabs work – instead of showing you a search for links, it just takes the entered search terms and shows you results from your Google accounts instead. The Personal tab doesn’t show up by default – you’ll have to click through to the “More” option; it’ll be on the bottom,” The Verge reported.

Not surprisingly the new feature means that there will be ads sitting at the foot of the Personal page.

The new option is part of ‘Lens’, a new service that’s designed to encourage users to feed a lot more data to the company.

As always, there is little doubt that the new feature is useful but their will once again be fears over privacy.

The new feature will be rolled out gradually with option to search files on Google Drive also tipped to be added.


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