New plane could fly from London to New York in just 20 minutes, creator claims


A next generation plane could take just 20 minutes to fly between London and New York, its creator has claimed.

The futuristic jet dubbed the Antipode, is the creation of Canadian designed Charles Bombardier.

The Antipode utilises new technology called “long penetration mode”, which enables the jet to reach speeds several times faster than current aircraft are capable of.

The jet, which can only seat 10 passengers, takes off from an airport like any other plane.


However, it then deploys new rocket boosters to quickly climb to 40,000 feet and then uses its “supersonic combustion ramjet engine” that can hit speeds of Mach 24 – a whopping 21 times faster than the speed of sound and ten times faster than Concorde.

The Antipode would be able to approximately 16,000 miles per hour. By comparison a Boeing 747 can fly at around 570 miles per hour when it hits top speed.

This means that theoretically the high powered jet could fly around the world in a little over an hour and a half.




Speaking to the BBC, Mr Bombardier said: “The idea of going from New York to London in, say 20 minutes – that’s what I think really grabbed people.”

“It’s always something that people would like – a transportation system that could take you from one place on the planet to the other side.”

However, the Antipode won’t be flying anytime soon as it is nothing more than a concept at this stage.

“I wanted to help get funding to do more research, and so I tried to push the whole thing forward.

“I know that it’s not going to lead to the exact aircraft at the end, but it might help to develop new technologies and new processes. If it does, then that I’m happy that I did something to help society.”

Air Force One is the currently the world’s fastest passenger plane, capable of reaching speeds of 594mph and can refuel in mid air. It can even stay in the air indefinitely if needed.


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