New PlayStation 4 photos leak online – Is this Sony’s new gaming console?


Images which appear to show the new PlayStation 4 have leaked online.

It has been widely rumoured that Sony will release at least one, if not two, new games consoles before the end of the year, and these leaked images are thought to be the first of those devices.

The new slimmed down and slightly redesigned version will come hot on the heels of the XBox One S, which Microsoft released at the beginning of August.

Like Microsoft’s latest offering, the PlayStation 4 seems to be about slimming down, ahead of the release of the Sony console dubbed “PlayStation 4.5”.

It isn’t known if the leaked images are legitimate, but they do keep in with the most recent rumours.

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony is expected to announce the new consoles at an event held due to be held on September 7th, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Sony’s other console, the PlayStation Neo, has already been announced, and is likely to generate the most interest from gaming fans.

The PlayStation Neo will include much improved processing power, with stunning 4K video output and enhanced graphics capabilities.

Sony’s decision to release a smaller sized console is presumably to enable the tech giant to continue selling its classic PlayStation 4, while making the design more attractive and allowing it to be sold for a cheaper price.


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