New Polaroid Swing app transforms your images into moving pictures


The Polaroid camera brand have launched a new mobile app called Polaroid Swing.

The app comes from a joint partnership between a Silicon Valley startup called Swing and Polaroid.

The primary investor is none other than Biz Stone the founder of Twitter and also the chairman of Swing.

Stone believes that the one second videos are the apps greatest strength and was quoted as saying: “Polaroid Swing has the potential to change the way we think about images, just like Twitter’s 140 characters changed how we think about words. People will start seeing the world in one second moments. It’s a genre-defining medium.”

Polaroid Swing enables users capture moving photos, or one second moments that spring to life when you tap on the photo or move the phone.

Polaroid Swing

If the image is displayed on the web you can scroll your mouse over the image to have the same effect.

Videos are captured at a rate of 60 frames per second and the user then labels the image, choose one of four filters before sharing it either on the Swing app or through Facebook, Twitter or via email.

If the image is posted on another platform, it links back to the Swing website so that it can be viewed.

Although image sharing is a crowded sector Polaroid Swing are hoping that they can take the market by storm.


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