New report on website downtime makes unpleasant reading for Thai businesses


Data loss and website downtime costs Thai businesses $billions per year

A new study by EMC Corporation has revealed that businesses in Thailand lost almost $15 billion due to data loss and unplanned website downtime in 2014.

The EMC Global Data Protection Index reviewed the IT practices of 125 mid to enterprise sized organisations in Thailand.

It found that 86% of Thai organisations are not fully confident that they could recover lost data following an occasion when their website is forced offline or during other disruptions to web services.

The study, which also surveyed more than 3,000 businesses around the world, found that 62% of Thai organisations experienced website downtime in the last twelve months.

The study also found that 37% of Thai businesses lack any kind of disaster recovery plan should should their websites experience downtime or data loss.

Furthermore, 69% of Thai businesses said they found it ‘difficult’ to protect company data online.

Perhaps most alarming of all, the survey found that Thailand ranked bottom with regards to data protection when compared to 24 other countries around the world.

Guy Churchwood from EMC Core Technologies said: “With 62% of IT decision-makers interviewed feeling challenged to protect hybrid cloud, big data and mobile, it’s understandable that almost all of them lack the confidence that data protection will be able to meet future business challenges. We hope the global data protection index will prompt IT leaders to pause and reevaluate whether their current data protection solutions are in alignment with today’s business requirements as well as their long term goals.”

However, it wasn’t only Thailand which scored poorly, with the survey highlighting similar IT related problems for businesses across the Asia Pacific and Japan, which averaged around $34 billion in lost revenue due to unplanned downtime and data loss.




  1. Mark Weber on

    How much of the website downtime is due to poor infrastructure within Thailand, repeated damages to the undersea cables and interference from MICT censorship activities? I think you will find these causes are substantially greater than any of the causes of downtime mentioned in your blog piece.

  2. From my experience with Thai Websites, it must be Facebook that is going down as many businesses believe they can be run from that portal (crazy)… Other than that, its the sloppy work and lack of maintenance by the IT staff that is another issue… Having Thai IT staff before, it was hard to get them to comprehend the basics… !