New Robotic Kitchen Can Cook Your Morning Eggs


Don’t have time to cook breakfast in the morning? In the future, a robotic kitchen may take care of that for you. Moley Robotics is looking to change the home automation field with a robotic kitchen that can cook more than 2,000 recipes.

The portable kitchen module includes a sink, stovetop, utensils, oven, and of course, a pair of robotic arms. The arms are programmed to follow the recipes in its large database just as a master chef would.

Shadow Robot Company, a NASA robotics supplier, created the arms, which replicate movements in the arms, hands, shoulders, wrist, fingers and elbows. But that’s not the only impressive feature of this robotic kitchen. The developers of the project carefully programmed the movements and abilities of BBC MasterChef Tim Anderson. In the future, users really may have their meals prepared by a master chef.

To challenge the robot’s capabilities, Tim cooked crab bisque, while his movements were recorded in 3D. Developers translated the movements into algorithms. The end result? The robot was able to cook the bisque just like Anderson did.

The robot was first unveiled in Hannover, Germany at the Hannover Messe. When it hits the mass market, the robot will come equipped with what the company is calling “iTunes for food”. Its digital library will include over 2,000 recipes. When it becomes available, the kitchen modules will be available in varying configurations ranging from $15,000 to $72,000.


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