New Romex app stops drivers texting while driving


A new app has been developed to stop drivers texting or sending messages from their smartphone whilst they are diving.

The new app, which has been developed by Romex, uses the smartphone’s GPS system that can detect the speed that the person is moving. If it is faster than 4mph (approx. 6.5km/ph) the app will automatically lock the device.

The principle is basically if the app believes that you are travelling faster than a ‘normal human on legs’ then the app will disable the screen making it impossible to use.

Passengers needn’t worry however as the app does come with a mode that allows them access to the phone.

The app is already being used by companies looking to ensure the safety of their drivers by stopping them using their devices whilst they are on the road, but a new more general version is expected to be available soon.

Steve Arscott, sales director of Romex is reported to have said “we are approaching younger drivers because they are the ones likely to be glued to their phones”.

As well as the locked phone function, the updated version of the app is likely to integrate with another app known as Guardian, which allows parents to track where children are going and how fast they are travelling.

The new app is unlikely to be free but the company are looking to team up with insurance companies who will offer a reduction in the premium if driver has installed the app. The app has been dismissed in some quarters with observers saying that “the phone could just as easily be turned off”.


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