Rumours claim Apple is about to announce new hybrid MacBook and/or budget iPhone


Just days before the start of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple is reportedly working on a mysterious new device codenamed ‘Star’

Details vary from what the device is, with reports ranging from it being a low cost iPhone to a new hybrid MacBook.

The latest rumours surrounding the device, which also bears the codename N84, is that it will be a budget LCD iPhone, that bears the same design as the iPhone X.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently tweeted about the rumoured new handset.

Last month, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities also reported that Apple planned to release a new budget handset, which is tipped to include a whopping 6.1 inch display and cost in the region of $550.

However, that rumour is now perhaps looking less likely given that it was announced this week that Apple’s upcoming handsets will include OLED displays.

Others have suggested it could be some kind of hybrid MacBook with an ARM processor, similar to what is normally found in a mobile or tablet device.

The device would include a touchscreen but run a version of iOS, which could mean Apple is planning on giving users access to the apps in the App Store, in what would be a similar move to what Google is doing with its Chromebooks.

And with it being a hybrid, it would be presumed that you would be able to detach the screen and use it as a tablet.

Other rumours suggest the device will have a SIM card slot and support 4G LTE and GPS.

Whatever Apple has planned, we’re likely to hear at least part of it at its Worldwide Developer Conference which kicks off on June 4


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