New Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple throttling iPhones


No strangers to the courtroom, Apple and Samsung have yet again locked horns this time over the final stages of a patent litigation saga that has been going on for a number of years.

A jury in a California courtroom will soon decide the financial damages Samsung will have to fork out for infringing on several iPhone design patents.

As the legal battle ensues over the patents Samsung is attacking Apple and iPhone in a whole different court, that of public opinion!

A new commercial that pokes fun at Apple’s revelation that it may throttle or slow down their devices with older depleted batteries has been released by the South Korean tech giant.

The timing of the commercial is puzzling as Apple had apologised for their battery issues last December and offered replacements for $29 this offer was also extended to phones out-of-warranty.

As well as the battery replacement offer, Apple released an update that included includes a performance management tool that lets users disable the throttling.

However, Samsung still felt the need to release the commercial. During the one-minute video, viewers see an increasingly frustrated woman with an iPhone 6, which appears to be suffering from lag and is unresponsive and when trying to use it in several different situations the phone ultimately fails.

The woman finally gives in and takes the phone to the Apple store where is she is told by an alleged Apple employee, “turn off the performance management feature but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns.” Or, he adds, “You could just upgrade it.”

The whole theme of the commercial, of course, is upgrading, however, this is Samsung ad and the message is clearly NOT to buy the latest iPhone, instead, the woman in question purchases the Samsung Galaxy S9 and all is well with the world once again.

Be interesting to see if Apple come back with a similar riposte if they do we will be sure to let you know.


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