New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks reveal stunning design and possible release date


A series of new leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reveal it could be the most exciting phone of 2017.

On Thursday a video briefly appeared online which claimed to show the front panel and screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8.

The video was posted on Chinese site Weibo before it was removed a short time later.

Thankfully, tech site Slashleaks managed to take their own copy and post it on their site.

If the video is to be believed it seems that Samsung will continue with its ‘Infinity Display’ on the Note 8, making almost all of the front of the phone nothing but a display.

Meanwhile, a leaked image also posted to Weibo claims that not only will the Note 8 include an Infinity Display but that it will offer even greater screen to body ratio than either of the Galaxy S8 phones.

The leak claimed the top bezel on the Note 8 will measure just 6.7mm. Given that the Note 8 is expected to have a 6.7 inch display, this means its screen to body ratio will be greater than 84 percent, which is the ratio on the Galaxy S8 Plus that has a 6.4 inch display.

The leak also claimed the Note 8 will have a 12MP front facing camera.

Note 8

Another leak from China, again obtained by Slashleaks claims to show a real world photo of a prototype of the Note 8. The image shows the Note 8 to include a vertical dual camera, something which is also expected to feature on the iPhone 8.

Note 8

If the leaks about turn out to be true, the iPhone 8 will have to be some phone to match the Galaxy Note 8.

However, aspect that may put the anniversary iPhone ahead of its rival is the with its Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Latest reports have claimed that Apple will embed the sensor into the display on the iPhone 8, which was previously considered to be too technically challenging.

However, according to the image above it appears that Samsung may be forced to put its fingerprint sensor on the reverse of the device, something which has proved less popular with smartphone users.

Previous reports from Korean media have claimed the Note 8 will be released in August.

Galaxy Note 8 concept by Benjamin Geskin

Galaxy Note 8 concept by Benjamin Geskin


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