Skimmer Scanner: New smartphone app can detect card skimmers on ATMs


The makers of a new smartphone app claim it can help detect if a card skimmer has been placed on an ATM or card machine.

The app, called Skimmer Scanner, has been created by a group of white hat hackers who work alongside law enforcement agencies around the world to try and combat credit card fraud.

If you’re not aware, a skimmer is a device which criminals will place onto the card reader of an ATM machine.

The devices are often very difficult to detect, which is the main reason why they are so successful in stealing card details from unsuspecting users.

In Thailand there have been some high profile cases of criminal gangs ATM skimmers to steal card and banking details. A video we shared earlier this year showed one such device on a Kasikorn Bank ATM.

Skimmer scanner

Skimmer Scanner works by detecting Bluetooth signals from the skimming device.

Typically Bluetooth is used by criminals to harvest the data stolen from ATM skimmers.

If the app detects a Bluetooth signal coming from an ATM it sends a notification to your phoning warning that the ATM may have been compromised.

Skimmer Scanner is only currently available on Android, there isn’t and iOS version yet.

H/T: CNet


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