New Sony Xperia XZ includes ‘intelligent’ battery that will make your phone last TWICE as long


Sony has announced its latest flagship smartphone, the Xperia XZ.

Unveiled at IFA 2016 in Berlin, the Sony Xperia XZ moves away from the company’s Z series to bring an array of improvements and new features, while at the same time retaining the best aspects of its predecessor, the Xperia Z5.

Sony Xperia XZ includes a 5.2 inch Full HD display at 1080p, the design of which the Japanese tech giant says gives users the “perfect hand fit” because of its curved edges. It also features USB Type-C.

On the inside the phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor alongside 3GB RAM, with a choice of 32GB or 64GB of internal storage.

The Xperia XZ packs in a 13MP front facing camera and a 23MP rear shooter, which is can also be used to record 4K video.

The rear camera also comes with what Sony describes as “triple image sensing technology” which should help improve image stabilization, picture quality and focus speeds.

However, all that aside, the standout feature on the Sony Xperia XZ is its new intelligent battery charge, which learns your battery charging habits.

Sony Xperia XZ

For example, if you leave the Xperia XZ plugged in overnight, the phone wont charge past 90 percent, but will complete the remaining 10 percent of charge nearer the time it expects you to start using it, perhaps about an hour before you wake up or when your alarm is set.

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Sony says this will help reduce damage to battery cells which can occur if phones are regularly left to charge overnight, and therefore help to prolong the life of the phone over time.

The intelligent battery works by monitoring the amount of liquid current that is going to battery cells.

Sony said this technology will “double the battery life span” and has been created in response to customer feedback on how smartphone battery performance get worse after just a couple of years of use.

The new feature should help batteries last much longer, delaying the need to upgrade every year or two, the company said.

The Sony Xperia XZ will be available in a choice of three colours: black, platinum and blue and is set to be released in October, although official pricing is yet to be confirmed.


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