New Speedtest report ranks Internet speeds around the world – here’s what it says about Thailand


For many people, Speedtest is the go to site to check internet connection speeds for both mobile and fixed broadband.

Now Ookla, the company which operates the site, has launched the Speedtest Global Index, an interactive ranking of internet speeds around the world.

Updated monthly, the Global Index ranks over 100 countries for both fixed broadband and mobile download speeds. The average speed for each country and whether the ranking has increased of decreased from the previous month is also displayed.

The Global Index lists 122 countries for mobile connections and 133 for broadband.

Thailand SpeedTest Global Index

Out of the 122 countries for mobile connections, it ranks Thailand in a lowly 82nd spot, with an average download speed of 13.95 Mbps and an upload speed of 8.02 Mbps.

For fixed broadband, Thailand ranks significantly better in 36th place with an average download speed of 35.94 Mbps and upload speed of 17.23 Mbps.

However, internet speeds rank way behind Norway, which ranked first place for mobile speeds with an average of 52.59 Mbps and Singapore, which was ranked in first place for 154.38 Mbps for fixed broadband.

Last week, a study from the UK on global internet speeds ranked Thailand in 29th place for its internet speeds, with a mean download speed of 16.85 Mbps.

Meanwhile a study from earlier this year carried out by OpenSignal, which releases its results every quarter, found that Thailand had an average mobile internet speed of just 6.09 Mbps, which put it in 70th out 87 countries surveyed.

You can find out how fast your internet connection is and if you are getting the speeds advertised by visiting SpeedTest


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