New StoreDot smartphone battery takes just one minute to fully charge


As smartphone technology continues to evolve, innovate and improve, mobile phones now offer users more functions and features than ever before.

Whilst users enjoy larger, higher spec screens, more powerful processors and an array of different functions, all these new features dramatically impact battery performance.

A study carried out in 2014 by the research company GMI found that people regard longer battery life to be the most important consideration when buying a new smartphone.

There has of course been some innovation with regards to battery charging, but generally speaking, battery life technology is perhaps the only feature of current smartphones which has not only failed to improve a great deal in the past 5 years or more, but which has arguably taken a backwards step in terms of innovation.

Do you remember the battery life of your old Nokia, for example?

You’d often get several days of heavy useage before you would need to recharge. Compare that to your current smartphone and it is probably the case that you struggle to get through a full day without needing to charge your device.

The fact that smartphones need to be recharged so frequently is perhaps the biggest annoyance of users.

However, a company from Israel claims it has developed new technology which will help to ease the battery related woes of smartphone users.

According to The Guardian, a research team from Tel Aviv University looking into Alzheimer’s disease have inadvertently discovered a new type of peptide molecule which can gather and store charge much quicker than the options available currently.

The research team, in partnership with StoreDot, claim that whilst the the new technology does not improve overall battery performance, it is capable of charging a smartphone battery in just one minute.

The Guardian goes onto say that StoreDot is already in talks with more than a dozen phone manufacturers and there is a possibility that this technology could be available to users as early as next year.

A battery which could fully charge in just one minute is likely to appeal to every smartphone user. However, there are a few points to highlight regarding this breakthrough.

First of all, the StoreDot battery would not work on existing smartphone batteries as it requires a special kind of charger.

StoreDot says that its battery would likely result in an additional $50 on top of the cost of smartphone handsets, although some users may think this is a small price to pay for a battery which could be charged so quickly.

StoreDot also says that its technology could be used to charge car batteries, as well as on  tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets.

Source: The Guardian





  1. Dexter Marlowe on

    i can also buy a nice powerbank for $50 (then i could also charge my other devices).