New super-fast Wi-Fi system lets you download a movie in SIX seconds


The quickest WiFi ever has been created by scientists and it is an unbelievable 400 times quicker than quickest speeds currently available in Thailand.

This groundbreaking new Wi-Fi connection uses infrared as the means to send data to devices which means that it will not slow down regardless of how many people are using it.

The researchers who are based at Eindhoven University of Technology created the technology which is capable of download speeds of 42GB/sec – which is fast enough, they claim, to download 60 films a second.

The system is believed to be simple and cheap to set up and ‘fires’ wireless data from a few centrally located antennas which in turn can direct the beams direct to the user’s device.

The new system is maintenance free and doesn’t even require electricity and can track the precise location of every wireless device using its radio signal.

Each device has its own wavelength which is the reason for there being no loss of performance with more users.

Another key feature is that the system can’t be interfered with by other networks.

Researchers said the Wi-Fi system managed a speed of 42.8 GB/sec over a distance of 2.5 metres.

All of this research is part of the wider which gets funding from the European Research Council’s BROWSE project.

Experts, however, have said it will still be five years or more before the new technology is available for consumers.

H/T Engadget


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