New teaser trailer for 400-player Battle Royale game – Mavericks


Developers for Mavericks Proving Grounds, a new 400 player Battle Royale game have recently released a teaser trailer for the game.

Although the game boasts 400 players in a multiplayer environment the trailer shows no actual gameplay footage, instead, we get to see some beautiful environments and nice looking visual but critically it doesn’t deliver what we would like to see.

The new game is being developed by Automation Games at their UK based studio, initially known as Project X the game received its official name last weekend at the PC Gamer event.

The game will feature a 12km2 ‘living and breathing’ world, the developers have also promised some dynamic elements that include the spreading of wildfire.

John Thompson of PC Game said, “This year, we’re coming out with our competitive, Battle Royale-style mode, which we hope will show that there is so much more for that genre than what people have seen today,” “How much more we can do with the game world and the [Battle Royale] game mode as a whole.”

The game is set to launch this year for PC, with an update described as an MMO that can support 1000 concurrent players planned to launch in 2019 that promises an ‘ultra-high fidelity world’.
A line from the description of the game reads, “It is set in a huge, photoreal, and highly dynamic environment, with strong character progression, social hubs, intelligent mission systems and global-scale player-driven narrative.”

Further details are set to be released about the game in March at the Game Developers Conference. A beta version of the game is in the works but no official news on when this will become available.


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