New technology from Google will tell you when someone is snooping on your smartphone


Researchers at Google are developing technology which will notify you if someone is looking over your shoulder to snoop on your smartphone.

The new feature called ‘Electronic Screen Protector’ uses artificial intelligence to tell if someone is someone is trying to take a peek at your screen.

The technology was developed by researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff, who demonstrated the new technology in a video uploaded to YouTube.

The tool could be used by professional to help protect sensitive data or help boost the privacy of any smartphone user, especially those using their device in a crowded place.

The system works by using the front facing camera to detect if a second pair of eyes are looking at the screen. It then sends an alert to the user if it detects the presence of someone else.

According to the researchers, it only takes 2ms for the system to detect if someone is gazing at the smartphone screen.

In the example posted by the researchers, someone is typing a message when an alert pops up on screen with the words “STRANGER is LOOKING ALERT!” with an image of the stranger’s face also highlighted.

“Because of the quick, robust, and accurate gaze detection mobile model we can now easily identify the face identity and gaze simultaneously in real time,” read the description of the YouTube video.

“Hence, the application, an electronic screen protector, can enable its enrolled users to continue reading private and confidential contents on your mobile device, while protecting their privacy from onlookers in a crowded space such as the subway or an elevator.”

H/T: ZDNet


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