New update to Google Drive will make it easier than ever to backup your whole computer


Taking regular backups of your computer is one of the most important things you can do as a computer owner.

However, many of us don’t back up files nearly as often as we should.

Perhaps it is the inconvenience of having to go out and buy an external hard drive or the cost of backing up a lot of data to the cloud.

But now Google wants to make it easier than ever for users to backup their computer.

On Wednesday, Google revealed a new feature called Backup and Sync, which will soon be added to Google Drive.

Backup & Sync Google Drive

Image: Google

The update, which will be available from June 28, will allow users to take a full backup of their hard drive and store it in the cloud on Google Drive.

Rather than having to select individual files or folders to upload to Google Drive, Backup and Sync will automatically backup the Desktop folder.

The Desktop folder will be synced with Google Drive which means Google will continuously back up the folder whenever any new files are added or changes are made to it.

So rather than saving important files elsewhere, store them in the Desktop folder and Google will automatically take a back up.

The update will be available for PC and Mac users.

While there are lots of different options when it comes to cloud storage, Google’s new Backup and Sync seems to be the straightforward and is particularly good for people already using Google Drive.

With that being said, most people will likely need to pay for additional storage.

Google currently only offers up to 15GB free storage on Google Drive but does offer more storage options with 100GB storage available from just 70 baht/month or 700 baht for the year, 1TB storage costs 350 baht/month or 3,500 baht a year.

Google also offers storage plans for 2, 10, 20 and 30 terabytes.


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