New update makes Google Maps even more accurate


Google has announced a new update to its popular navigation tool, Google Maps.

The update will make Google Maps more accurate than ever before and make it even harder for you to get lost.

In a blog post, Google revealed that it will soon start automatically updating Google Maps with data gathered from Google Street View.

The data will include street names, house numbers and businesses which feature in Street View will automatically be incorporated into Google Maps.

The update has been made possible by Google’s Ground Truth team whose task it was to extraction the geolocated data from Street View into Google Maps.

“While Street View cars collect millions of images daily, it is impossible to manually analyse more than 80 billion high resolution images collected to date in order to find new, or updated, information for Google Maps, the tech giant said.

“One of the goals of the Google’s Ground Truth team is to enable the automatic extraction of information from our geo-located imagery to improve Google Maps.”

Google explained how it tested new system on French street names and scored 84.2 per cent for accuracy.

“Now, whenever a Street View car drives on a newly built road, our system can analyse the tens of thousands of images that would be captured, extract the street names and numbers, and properly create and locate the new addresses, automatically, on Google Maps,” Google said.

Google Maps isn’t the only product that Google is using deep learning and AI in order to add improvements.

Earlier this week, Google hosted its I/O developer conference where it showcased new features in its apps and software.

One of the highlights was the announcement of Google Lens, a new feature that image recognition to give you information on an object you take a photo of using your smartphone.

Google Lens could be used to ‘read’ a password on the back of a wi-fi router. Instead of you having to type it in, simply take a snap of the password with your phone and your device will be able to connect to the wi-fi network automatically.

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