New update means Skype will now run much better on older Android phones


One of the world’s most popular chat apps, Skype has recently been updated to improve its audio and video quality on the low-cost older Android phones.

For those users who own budget Android devices, older models or those that have a poor network coverage due to the user location will benefit greatly from the new update for versions 4.0.3 to 5.1 of the Android operating system. The update promises to bring “greater speed and better audio and video quality”, says Microsoft.

It is now becoming a common trend to develop apps to be “lighter on both disk and memory consumption” to fulfill the needs of the ever-growing market of budget devices.

Of course, affordability comes with its disadvantages, one of which is less internal storage resulting in a battle for data between the apps installed.

Twitter recently released Twitter Lite a “data-friendly” version of their app last September, the app is less than 1mb and loads very quickly and takes up less install and storage space and operates more efficiently on poorer quality networks. Messenger Lite and Facebook Lite was launched soon after and works in a similar way.

Google has taken note and released Android Oreo (Go Edition) that helps negate the performance drop for users not owning flagship devices.

It was only a matter of time for Skype to follow suit and develop their own solution, especially as the app has been downloaded over one billion times from Google’s Play Store. The upgrade should reach devices across the globe within the next few days.


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