New update will make Google Chrome run much faster


Google Chrome is about to get much faster thanks to a new update to the browser’s algorithm.

The new algorithm, called Brotli, will be able to compress web page data by almost 25 percent more than it does currently.

Brotli will replace Zopfli, it’s existing compression engine, and will result in faster web browsing than anyone using Google Chrome will have experienced before.

According to Google’s Ilya Grigorik, the new update “allows for better space utilization and faster page loads.”

Whilst it looks like Brotli will be rolled out to desktop users first, mobile users will also benefit greatly as the new update will allow users “lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use” due to the fact it greatly reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded.

Google stopped short of announcing an official release date, Grigorik did say that the update is ready to roll out and should be with users soon.

Typically, updates of this kind are rolled out automatically to the Chrome browser so you will able to benefit from a speedier web experience without actually having to do anything.

The Brotli update also signals potential good news for users of other web browsers.

Google hope Brotli will become the standard format for data and have made the algorithm available to other browsers so that all users can benefit from faster web browsing.

Firefox has already announced that it will also include the Brotli algorithm in a future update.



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