New video claims to give first look at the iPhone 8


Apple has been doing its best to keep the new iPhone under wraps, but despite best efforts, there has still been plenty of leaks.

The latest comes form the normally reliable 9to5Mac who have published a video that appears to show a dummy or prototype version of the iPhone 8, but the fact that it is a dummy, means that it doesn’t work!

The video could be a hoax but it is consistent with several other leaks.

Dummy iPhone 8 alongside the iPhone 7S. Image: 9to5Mac

This could be taken one of two ways, it could be the real thing and is just one of many accurate leaks, or, it is yet another fake carrying on the same theme that has been used by other hoaxers.

Obviously, we won’t know until the official release, expected to be in September, so make of it what you will.

The video shows the reported new vertically-orientated dual camera on the rear of the device.

It is also around half an inch smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, again consistent with previous rumours that it would be larger than the iPhone 7 but smaller than the 7 Plus.

Past that, being a dummy device, the video tells us very little more than what we have previously reported from other leaks.


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