New video claims to show the iPhone 8 working for the first time


Yet another new video claims to show the Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone but this time it may be genuine.

In the video, the device appears very similar to how it has been described in many reports with the edge-to-edge screen and no physical home button.

The video appears to be very dark. However, it is possible to make out apps that are usually available such as the Camera app, iMessage, Mail, Music, Photos and Safari.

The authenticity of the video has been question by some who believe that it is actually an Android device designed to look like an iPhone.

BGR pointed out the signal strength and Wi-Fi indicator are placed on the right-side of the screen, instead of its usual left-side spot.

Already we have reported that the name of the device could be the iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition rather than the expected iPhone 8. The device, due to be launched later this month, will include an OLED screen. It believed that this will be supplied by Apple’s main rival, Samsung.

The device will also have wireless charging capabilities which are said to be faster than those currently available.

The Home button is expected to embedded Touch ID with Augmented Reality and facial Recognition also available.

Apple is scheduled to unveil the new iPhone on September 12th.


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