New video gives the clearest look yet at the iPhone 8


So is this what Apple’s new iPhone will look like? A new video gives us perhaps one of the best looks yet of the iPhone 8.

The video is of a dummy version and was shared this week by on OnLeaks in partnership with Tiger Mobiles.

The video is certainly well produced but does that mean it is genuine?
Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks confirmed the dummy is a CNC mock-up manufactured based on CAD files he obtained.

The same information is being used by third-part manufacturers of cases in preparation for the September release.

As we know that the mock-up is based on old CAD files, there are no new features to discuss except for confirmation of a prominent Apple logo on the chassis.

The dummy model is 144mm long, 71mm wide and 7.5mm thick, unless you measure at the camera bump where it is 9.1mm thick. The model again confirms a thin black bezel with room for an ear speaker.

The iPhone is expected to debut in the Autumn complete with its 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED panel, front facing cameras and 3D facial recognition.

It appears that Apple has successfully managed to embedded Touch ID fingerprint technology into the display although this has been questioned in other rumours.

It was recently reported that the new device was experiencing manufacturing problems, most recently with Samsung said to be having their own problems producing the OLED panels.

This may lead to a staggered launch across different countries to help with the shortfall of devices although once again this news is only hearsay and nothing has been confirmed as yet.


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