Is the new Vivaldi browser a genuine alternative to Chrome and Firefox?


If you’re a high volume web user, by that we mean one of those guys who opens tab, after tab, after tab when browsing the web, the new Vivaldi browser could be for you.

Its creator, Jon von Tetzchner is the co-founder and former CEO of the Opera web browser and claims Vivadi offers a solution to users who have difficulty fitting all their open tabs on one screen.

The Vivaldi browser is available to download as a technical preview on Windows, Mac and Linux.

At first site, Vivaldi looks like a more minimalist version of say Google Chrome or Firefox and is even a little similar to the early examples of Microsoft’s new Spartan browser.

If you were ever a user of Opera previously then it is clear to see its influence on Vivaldi and because of this Opera users will probably get on well with this new offering.

The Vivaldi browser offers a number useful tricks for when browsing the web. First up is the way it enables you to easily figure out where you are when you’ve got mulitple tabs open.

It does this by colour co-ordinating each tab with the colours of the site favicon.

For example, if you visit Thai Tech, the tabs turns red. Visit Facebook and the tab turns blue. Open the BBC website and the tab turns black.

Another useful feature was the ability to be able to take notes within the browser, as well as being able to take screenshot, which was also really useful.

The quick commands list lets you quickly find the things you need without having to use your mouse.

The other great thing, which is the Vivaldi browser’s main function, is the way it lets you manage multiple tabs. It does this by letting you group related tabs together easily.

For example, if you have multiple tabs open looking at different topics on the Thaivisa forum, you could arrange all of these tabs into one group in order to free up a bit of space on screen.

Vivaldi Browser

Thai Tech on the Vivaldi Browser

There is another feature to access the Vivaldi mail client but this isn’t available in the preview version.

After using Vivaldi solidly for the past couple of days, I’ve been impressed.

I guess I am what some would call a high volume user, and the features Vivaldi offers of easily managing multiple tabs have been beneficial.

Does Vivaldi offer enough for me to stop using Google Chrome? No, or at least not just yet.

But given time, and a full version with a wide range of extensions as offered with Chrome, that could change.

Apart from Chrome, I’d happily use Vivaldi over Firefox or any other browser for that matter.

As the current version is pretty much just a beta, I’m looking forward to full/future versions, and particularly the mobile version, which is currently in development.

In fact, I think mobile/tablet use could be where Vivaldi really takes off.

If you are a high volume web user or are just looking for an alternative to an existing web browser, download the preview version of Vivaldi, give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments section below.



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  1. Allan Finkelstein on

    Firefox with Panorama is my preference …. I currently have around 1,100 or 1,200 Tabs arranged in groups and instantly accessible!!!