New WhatsApp feature lets you delete sent messages, adds location tracking and low battery warning


WhatsApp is about to add a new feature that will allow users to delete sent messages.

The new feature, which is being tested in the beta version of the next update, could finally put and to that feeling of panic having realised you’ve sent a message by mistake.

The feature will mean that you can delete a message after you have sent, as long as it has not been read by the recipient.

While the new feature is undergoing beta testing, the actual release date of the next WhatsApp update remains unknown.

As well as the ability to delete sent messages, WhatsApp is also testing a feature that will allow you to keep track of your friends.

The feature, which will be unique to WhatsApp, could make meeting up with groups of friends a lot easier.

The feature, called Live Location Tracking, will enable you to share your moving location with friends within a group chat.

The feature lets you share your location for a limited period of time ranging from one to five minutes and is an extension of WhatsApp’s already popular feature that allows you to share your exact location at any given time.

To allay security fears, the location tracking feature is likely to have to be turned on in the settings.

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp beta version will send users a notification warning them their battery is running low during a call.

Image: @WABetaInfo

Image: @WABetaInfo

The latest beta version also makes it easier for WhatsApp users to report spam or malicious messages as the world’s most popular messaging service battles against the ever increasing amounts of spam targeting its users.

The features mentioned above are the latest in a number of new additions WhatsApp has added in recent months, which includes video calling and the ability for iOS users to send messages without an internet connection.


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