New WhatsApp feature will kill off spam and keep you safe from fraudsters


It seems WhatsApp are doing all they can to help users spot spam messages and therefore reduce their chances of being duped.

The platform has frequently used by spammers spreading false information and now the messaging giant is confronting the issue.

The most common spam messages is one that warns users that they will soon have to start paying for the service unless the messages gets forwarded to a certain number of your contacts.

The new feature will see WhatsApp alert you when you receive a message that has been forwarded more than 25 times.

A prominent warning message will be displayed at the top of the message and whilst it doesn’t cut out spam, it reduces their impact as it is easier to just ignore them.

The feature is still in the development stage but WABetaInfo claim that it could be launched at the next Android update.

WhatsApp at this stage offers tips on spotting spam such as spelling and grammatical mistakes. You should also avoid messages that ask you to click on a link or forward information. Generally, you should use common sense to avoid being caught out.

“If you’ve received spam from a contact, delete the message and do not click on any links or provide personal information. Tell the contact that the message they sent includes spam and point them to this WhatsApp safety page,” the company says.

“You can also send reports of spam to WhatsApp by contacting us from inside the app.”


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