New WhatsApp update fixes two really annoying issues


A new WhatsApp update has fixed what is arguably two of the biggest irritations when using the popular messaging app.

The new update now allows users to play YouTube videos directly within WhatsApp, via a new picture-in-picture mode.

From now on, whenever one of your friends sends you a YouTube video, you will no longer have to leave WhatsApp and open the YouTube app in order to watch it.

Instead, the YouTube video will be displayed in a small window on your screen, which you can resize using a pinch gesture, or maximise to full screen.

The new feature, which was spotted by WABetaInfo, means that you can watch the video and continue messaging your friends at the same time.

The new WhatsApp update also lets users record much longer audio messages than had been possible previously.

Rather than having down on the record button for the duration of the recording, users can now simply swipe up when, which turns on record, leaving your finger free to do other things.

WhatsApp have said the new update is being rolled out to iOS users first, but expect it to be available on Android in the near future.


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