New WhatsApp update is going to help you save lots of storage space


A new update for WhatsApp has made it easier for users to free up space on their devices without deleting everything and losing messages that are important.

A new storage management option is available in the Settings menu on Android devices. The option allows you to delete delete different types of messages in conversations whilst retaining key details.

It is group chats that are particularly notorious for taking up storage, typically they are clogged up with multimedia attachments that you won’t want or need to refer back to.

The update was spotted by Android Police and seems to have been well received.

In the Android app, go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage. You will then see a list of your conversations, ranked in order of how much storage space they are using up on your phone.

From here you can simply touch any conversation and get a detailed breakdown of the content contained within the conversation such as GIFs, videos and documents.

The screen also shows you how much space each message is taking up.

If you tap on the Manage Messages button at the bottom of screen you will be able to select particular sections, even having the option to select several of them and then you can delete those messages.

For instance, you can delete all video messages but keep all the other content – things that are perhaps more relevant and meaningful.

The feature is new for Android users, although only in Beta version at present, but it has been available to iOS users for a while


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