New WhatsApp update lets iPhone users send messages even without an internet connection


A great new feature has been rolled-out by WhatsApp that allows iPhone users to send messages even when they have no WiFi or mobile data connection.

At present you can draft messages in the text field, but the send button isn’t available until there is some form of connection to the internet.

WhatsApp says that from now on, iPhone users can send messages even without an internet connection. The messages will then be queued and sent as soon as your iPhone regains connection.

Although it is not the perfect solution, it is ideal for WhatsApp users who are using the messaging app in areas where internet connections are patchy.

Another improvement that WhatsApp have made is the facility to send an increased number of photos and videos in a single message. Previously this had been limited to ten but this has now been increased to thirty.

WhatsApp have also redesigned the storage usage menu that now reveals how much memory each individual chat or group chat uses. This can be accessed by: Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

It is also possible the free-up addition space using the Clear Chat option.

The latest WhatsApp update is available free to all users just weeks after claims that the messaging service was about to start charging users for sending messages.


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